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Our commitments

Viviane and Joël are fully committed to living in total respect of the environment and in sharing their passions. This is something you will be aware of throughout your stay.

- In addition to selective recycling, which has naturally been long-established, you will also find a composting solution here.
- The track in front of your berth is not tarmacked, but rather covered with natural gravel from the area.
- The alleys are lined with wild flowers and plants, proof that no weed killers are ever used here.
- You may well be awoken by birdsong: the campsite has been classified as a 'bird refuge' by the LPO, the French equivalent of the RSPB.
- If you are interested in birdwatching, in particular vultures, who nest in the nearby cliffs, you are welcome to borrow binoculars.
- When showering in the new sanitary block, you will be drawing on renewable energy supplied by newly-fitted solar panels.
- If you wish to try your hand at cooking with solar energy, Viviane will be delighted to let you use the solar oven.
- In the sanitary blocks, you may at times hear Joël getting annoyed, as he finds it very hard to accept that water be wasted, and he never hesitates to make his point known.
- Within the campsite itself there is a lavender plantation, and Joël very much enjoys sharing his knowledge regarding the secrets of cultivating these plants. You can also find, to enhance your dishes, plants such as rosemary, thyme, savory, oregano and sage.
- At times, a very powerful scent of lavender hangs in the air, emanating from the authentic ancient distillery (built in 1928), working to extract the plant's essential oils.
- During July and August, a nature specialist offers to guide you on outings to discover the local area.